FMD – welcome


Gavin’s knowledge include the latest trends such as FinTech, BlockChain, Argument Reality and IA. His 30 years work experiences include Digital Transformation, Marketing Consultancy, Product Sales, General Management, Web Mastering, Web Management, Corporate Indenty & Branding, IT and Digital Imaging including Photography & Filming.

He is also a peoples person with a high degree of initiative and self-motivation including organizational knowledge. Gavin has excellent interpersonal skills and thoroughly enjoys working both independently and within a dynamic active team; he enjoys a cultural mixture of people – ‘marketeers’, webby gurus, programmers, authors/editors and sales people in maintaining, creating and publishing enterprise based applications, corporate web site solutions and general consultation.

To help understand and appreciate how websites, applications and marketing were delivered Gavin over many years expanded his knowledge by attending events and training centres and enrolled on boot camp courses; Microsoft, data security and Cisco engineering courses – he obtained many certifications and hand on experiences over the last 30 years. He still expands his knowledge by annual subscription with Lynda and 42Training.

Gavin will be available to join your company from October 2017 – please send a personal message to ” gavin at USA dot com ” if you are interested in having him aboard.


Why is a genuine one letter character making it one of the rarest and shortest internet domain names in the world. Gavin has personally owned this for over 18 years.

So what could the acronym stand for?
Hundreds of possibilities, for example Foot & Mouth Disease or Finance Managing Director, Find a Medical Doctor, Fashion Model Directory or just for fun perhaps Fantastic Media Director which the Americans also call CDO: Chief Digital Officer. A new senior multi skilled position title that is starting to be recognised worldwide as a very useful talent to have.

CDO? see Wiki and an interesting article on Digital Transformation

Gavin Brooks Resume Oct 2017 UK (180kb Adobe PDF)