3XCom – Watford UK
August 1996 – August 1997

Internet Web Designer & System Solutions

Fully designed and part programmed Elton John’s Watford football club Web Site. Also built the Cromwell Hospital Web Site. Contributed to the design of the Marks & Spencer’s corporate web site, mainly Photoshop images.

Also worked with Mr Andy Houldsworth from Digital-Ink who now looks after the Watford FC website.

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Sir Elton John’s Watford football club Web Site http://www.watfordfc.com

Approached Mr Graham Taylor and Sir Elton John that they should have their football club on the World Wide Web for commercial reasons and to keep their fans up to date with football results and fixtures. PowerPoint presentations showing web ideas, successfully convinced sponsors to pay for their site, research/fact finding on what should go on their new website, organised domain name and published to different ISPs. Created animated gifs, graphics and took many photographs. Software: Hot Metal Pro, Coral Web Designer, Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker, Coral Draw and 3D Studio.

Cromwell Hospital Web Site http://www.cromwell-hospital.co.uk

Programmed using HTML to build up their WWW website, decided on navigation links and overall web layout.

SLG Business Services, Chorleywood
http://www.expo-web.com & http://www.expoweb.co.uk

Worked with their 3D artist to create Web and presentation ideas for ExpoWeb On-Line – a website for world’s most comprehensive series of global on-line events & worldwide resource directories.

Subcontracted by 20/20 Ltd, London http://www.marksandspencers.co.uk

Assisted with the design of Marks & Spencer’s corporate commercial pre-web site by creating ideas and layouts using Photoshop, as this was their preferred tool at this stage. About M&S, online shopping, financial services, annual reports, feedback, customer services and search pages.

St. Clement Danes School, Chorleywood

Set up Apple computer network in a music department and gave tips on how to create their own web site.