Content Management Systems and Document Management Solutions

  • WordPress – I use WP CMS for many sites these days.
  • Joomla – A fantastic open source CMS system
    • Many sites I did in the past were Joomla based until I started switching to WordPress since 2012…
    • I have created a simple website for a friend – also Joomla driven: Fleet Auto Shades
  • Fatwire
    As used in Honeywell Security Division
  • Hummingbird Reddot
    As used at Centrex Police National Training Internet

    Hummingbird Reddot Certificate

Interwoven Teamsite & OpenDeploy
As used at Siemens, Spargonet and Hertz

  • TF
  • PA
  • WF


  • Microsoft SharePoint
    As used at Siemens and Honeywell
  • Weybridge Extranet
    As used at Centrex Extranet
  • SmartMedia Intelligent
    As used at Centrex Intranet
  • Valiano Media Workflow
    As designed and used at FujiFilm ISIG


(Gavin’s certificates Nov 26-30 2001)

Training organised by Siemens SQT and Interwoven

  • Introduction to Content Management, Intelligence, Collaboration, Distribution
  • Using TeamSite Concepts, Workflow, Administration, Advanced Features, Reports
  • Developing TeamSite Templating XML, Data Capture, Data Content Generation, Presentation
  • TeamSite Project Administration Project Management, Versioning, Metadata
  • TeamSite Workflow Fundamentals sets of Business Requirements, Workflow Templates and Design, Test & Debugging
  • Deploying using OpenDeploy (FTP on steroids!)