Digital Imaging

Most of Gavins photographs seen here were photographed using a SLR Digital Camera. For fun, Gavin has another hobby that he enjoys: filming – below are some fun snippets edited in Apple Final Cut Pro:

Sporting activities include inline skating, kiting, skiing, badminton, metal bowling and sport cars (of-course Cool).

Gavin gone through a number of exciting cars in his time, here are a few:

FrauRee_and_Claire Ferrari 328GTS (loved this car)

DSCF1235 Lotus Esprit Turbo 2.2 SE (2 of these!)

DSCF2960b Maserati 3200 (three of these!) and a 4200 Spyder!

 Hummer H3A baby Hummer! (also had a H2 at one time, see below..)
Hummer H2

Gavin was on BBC television some years ago, well, briefly 🙂 a friend phoned to say he saw Gavin in his photo camouflage outfit when he was out shooting Grebes (birds) in a London wetland.

Click on image to enlarge to see name of programme etc… Gavin-on-BBC