Webmaster – EMEA

(EMEA: Europe, Middle East, Africa)
Permanent Contract Dec ’05 to Sept ’06

Looked after 7 European web sites each with 3 or more (LoBs) line of businesses: EMEA, UK, IT, ES, NL, FR and DE.

My cosy cubicle office!

Job responsibilties

  • Collaborated with Marketing teams in the USA as an EMEA representative with direct involvement in steering decisions regarding future website and IT hosting activities.
  • Worked closely with the Internet Marketing Team “Marcom” to help create email marketing templates, SEO, SERP and campaigns designed specifically to support business objectives.
  • Directly responsible for technical build, content updates and multiple EMEA website maintenance which included transferring new web data via FTP to facilitate smooth operations as well as utilising a Content Management System to build new and maintain existing internet sites.
  • Provided continuous follow-up to ensure the alignment and compliance of all website activities within the Honeywell Unified Web Strategy Corporate Web Council Standards.

My cosy cubicle office, a different view

Other info

Part of ongoing Project/Programme is in phases/stages to build up and bring existing web sites to the Honeywell Unified Web Strategy UWS standards.