Occupational OPQ

Gavin went for a OPQ assessment. This was his results:

Social people seem to satisfy their needs in teaching or helping situations. They are drawn more to seek close interpersonal relationships and are less apt to engage in intellectual of extensive physical activity. The S type generally likes to help, teach, and counsel people more than engage in mechanical or technical activity. The S type usually likes to be around other people, working in groups and sharing responsibilities. They are good communicators and are interested in how people get along, and like to help other people with their problems. They like nursing, or giving first aid and providing information. They generally avoid using machines, tools, or animals to achieve a goal. They see themselves as helpful, friendly, and trustworthy.

The adjectives most typically associated with the Social occupational category are:

  1. convincing
  2. cooperative
  3. easy-going
  4. friendly
  5. generous
  6. helpful
  7. honest
  8. idealistic
  9. insightful
  10. kind
  11. outgoing
  12. patient
  13. responsible
  14. social
  15. sympathetic
  16. tactful
  17. trustworthy
  18. understanding
  19. warm


The categories of Brainbench Certification tests recommend based on personality and occupational category are:

  • Computer Software -> Financial and Management Software
  • Health Care
  • Management -> General Management
  • Management -> Human Resources
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Office Skills -> Customer Service and Help Desk