Classic IQ Test – IQ score is 124

This number is the result of a formula based on how many questions Gavin answered on the Tickle site, now moved to testq

Basically what said: Inventive Inquisitor

You have the unusual talent of being equally good at both mathematical and verbal skills. That, paired with your thirst to learn through experience, makes you an Inventive Inquisitor.

Your strength lies in the methodology you have naturally adopted to understand the world. Basically, you have perfected “learning through living.” You have a unique ability to teach others by taking them through actual experiences. Your talents come in handy especially when confronted with unfamiliar or unproven situations. Most people search their brains for previously stored information that might help in a given situation. You, however, take things as they come and see things as they are. You are a great improviser and are probably open to an unusual amount of change.Another Inventive Inquisitor who demonstrates this very point was Ben Franklin. He suspected that lightning was a naturally occurring electrical current and realized he was correct once he conducted his famous kite-flying experiment on a stormy night. This is the type of novel approach that keeps your perspective fresh. Chances are, it has also helped you develop an unusually worldly sense of things. You use your inherent wisdom to branch out from what others too quickly assume to be the most “rational” solutions. This talent enables you to approach things creatively instead of following the rigid paths of life.

Another Test: Are you a menace on the Roads?

  • Gavin, your high sense of morals stop you being a road hog!!

There’s no question that we would like to have you as a friend as we can detect that you have a higher sense of fair play than in the average person. What comes around goes around, especially when you’re waiting for someone to let you onto a congested roundabout. We know that someone who is less likely to carve up a little old lady or jump the traffic lights is just as unlikely to take advantage of a friend or work colleague. If only there were more drivers like you there would be a lot less road rage and far fewer accidents! This is not to say that you’re an angel behind the wheel. We know all about those times when the speedo climbs a little higher than it should, or even the times when you might sneak into a parking space that someone else has equal claim to. The main thing is that you wouldn’t feign a limp after illegally parking in a disabled parking space.

Another: Right Job, Wrong Job

  • Gavin, the right job for you will allow you to be Creative and Strategic

You’re a visionary in many people’s eyes — able to think outside of the box to come up with your own solutions. You’re creative not necessarily in the artistic sense, but because you can expand your mind to do things differently from others.

It might take a while for colleagues to recognise and reward for your entrepreneurial spirit and abilities. This could be because they envy you, or because they find your ideas slightly rebellious — willing to go against the current.

All in all, you make it hard for people to pigeon hole you. That is why you, more than others, need a job that allows you to play to your strengths, break out of the mould, and truly excel.

Another: What breed of dog are you at work?

  • Gavin, you’re a Border Collie

You don’t give up and that’s your key to success. Though people might not always expect it from you since you’re so sociable in the office, you’ve got success on the brain and won’t stop short ’til you get there.

Are you a natural leader?

  • You’re amongst friends Gavin, you’re a teamwork leader!

Wow! Your sense of teamwork is so strong we can almost hear you cheering everyone on from here. This is fantastic as the ability to communicate and work closely with others is essential to good leadership. Team-building skills are the foundation of all interactions with your co-workers and can set the tone at work. So give yourself a pat on the back – your talent in this area gives you a real leadership edge. Why? It’s a dog-eat-dog world, but teamwork matters and the ability to communicate and work closely with others is essential to good leadership. In fact, it’s the foundation for all your interactions with your co-workers and can set the tone at work. You may not always be keen to lead the team and may prefer to use other people to help you make decisions, but a team player like you will soon find that leadership follows naturally.

Are You a Good Negotiator?

  • Gavin, your negotiating tactics is Facilitating!

We get the impression that you enjoy the process of reaching the perfect deal or compromise, but you’re not too keen on being the focus of the negotiations. You realise that everyone has to be happy and focused on the process, and sometimes it can be more effective to influence proceedings from a different angle, away from the hot seat. For example, you might suggest a group outing and use a committee approach to make sure that it’s something that everyone will enjoy, rather than volunteering to organise the event yourself. While this approach has many benefits in the workplace, as it encourages innovation from all the people involved, it can be a risky tactic. People within your company may feel that you are avoiding your responsibilities and are not pushing for the best result for the company.