SBT Headquarters CIO Organisation

Siemens Building Technologies Switzerland (Aug 1999 – January 2003)
Work Permit B

Global Web Master and Intranet Web Manager

Job responsibilities

  • Worked in close conjunction with Marketing, Sales, IT and IS departments across the company to facilitate the effective management of web-related projects with responsibility for reviewing QA.
  • Designed the Intranet/Internet architecture using Interwoven CMS, HTML and CSS, SEO, web marketing, graphics, logos, digital photography for ‘site navigation to live site’ publishing processes.
  • Defined and introduced corporate standards and guidelines whilst having full accountability for quality assurances within IT security.
  • Led the design and testing phase of a major upgrade project including the design concept, security baseline, migration concepts and test environment setup.
  • Facilitated improvements in departmental QAs and SLAs through the creation and delivery of qualitative research- based questionnaires for marketing.
  • Provided a professional first point of contact for the resolution of legal and web application issues.

Worked for the CIO (Chief Information Officer) Organisation and CIT (Corporate Information Technology) by supervising and assisting a Shared Administrative Services Web Developer team.

Main responsibilities include: With team identify core technologies to support SBT businesses including communicating with Corporate Design and Corporate Marketing Team. Support and lead Web related projects in close co-operation with the Divisions/Zones, IT/IS departments and external partners / agencies.

Gavins office.

One of the projects successfully involved in was building an intranet portal to promote IS service offerings to customers. Where the current IS related customer processes are being simplified (e.g. ordering, support and accounting).

Participated in work groups for implementation of SBT Standards and Guidelines related to the internal web. Maintain Global level of SBT and its Divisional Intranet (and some Internet) web sites by designing web pages and graphics that are visually correct for the appropriate departments and services. Involved as part of team developing web pages, testing different web tools and products which may support SBT, plus any new web technology for immediate or future use.

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Successful released two major Corporate Group level Intranet web templates, one at the end of 1999 and final version for 2002 which is still in use today (2009):

  • SBT
  • HVAC Products
  • Building Automation
  • Cerberus three divisions
  • Facility Management
  • Project Business

Built up and designed the Corporate SBT and former Landis & Staefa Corporate entry point web sites, plus assisted in a number of web design concepts and development including navigation and placement of content.

As team member successfully designed a Web based LDAP application and Extranet Web based Outlook which is still running live on the Internet and Extranet (Protected Level).

Worked in a team as Art Director for SAS IT-IS (Shared Administrative Services – Informatics Services) on a customer aimed web portal.

Also globally took care of the look and feel of the root level and entry points of the Siemens Building Technologies Corporate Intranet and the three Divisional Web Sites (mainly ‘Graphical’ Web mastering) including adding new designs and navigational links, that complies with Corporate Standards. Responsible for the Publishing Process (Development, Staging and Publishing) for SBT’s 35,000 users – security issues are also looked at especially when publishing to the live production servers.

Delegation of some tasks to Application/Developer Web Masters who in turn are responsible for their Departmental and/or Divisional websites.

In addition, helped out in the corporate level and divisional Author communities with ideas, suggestions, designs (Photoshop/Illustrator/Flash prepared) and layouts of their web pages.

Participate with team projects ranging from Internet/Intranet/Extranet related to and implementation of future technologies that is present, or coming soon; including XML, DHTML, XHTML, Action Scripting, Object Oriented Programming and Flash. Work alongside with web programmers and developers who programme in Active Server Pages, JavaScript and SQL databases.[/et_pb_accordion_item][et_pb_accordion_item title=”Business cards”]Scans of actual Siemens business cards used for both roles at Siemens Building Technologies:

Siemens Building Technologies was a great employer. Many thanks goes to my work colleagues and team members for making my responsibilities and project work educational and very pleasant.

1 Internet Technologies

1.1 Introduction

This document describes the goals, tasks and responsibilities of Corporate IT related to the Internet technologies. It also gives a description of the type of employees Corporate IT is looking for.

1.2 Position

Siemens SBT CIO

1.3 Goals

It is the responsibility of Corporate Information Technology to achieve a professional implementation of Internet technologies within our Intranet, Extranet and on our Internet sites. The group encourages the optimal utilisation of these technologies for (economically) efficient access to information and customer orientated business processes. We support the WebMaster HQ, WebMaster Marcom and the WebMasters in the group companies in for their local tasks, co-ordinate global projects and ensure consistency and convergence of all web-applications within the company.

1.4 Main Tasks

Our main tasks comprise:

· Define, introduce and adapt new and existing corporate standards and guidelines with respect to


· Web-enabled software (server- and client side)

· Int*net design

· Intranet and Internet-site navigation

· Publishing process

· Int*net security

· Groupware

· Email

· Newsgroups

· (Video)conferencing via Intranet/Internet

· Electronic commerce

· Competitor evaluation (related to Internet technologies)

· Evaluate and identify core Internet technologies which may support our business

· Evaluate and test Web-tools and products which may support the Int*net publishing process
(Microsoft Internet Information Server, Microsoft Site Server, Microsoft FrontPage)

· Initialise, support and/or lead Web-projects – in close co-operation with the IT departments throughout the company – if requested by the business units

· Lead workgroups for the implementation and further development of Int*net standards and guidelines

· Enable Web know-how transfer within the company (participate in the European WebMaster Network meetings)

· Co-ordinate web-developments throughout the company

· Maintain the global level of the EW (SiBT) Int*net Sites

· Participate in the Siemens Electronic Commerce project

· Review (QA) Web-projects

· Serve as an office for legal problems of WEB applications

2 Employee Profile

2.1 Education

University or college at degree level (or comparable) – in business management, nature sciences or information technology.

General knowledge and skills

· Information technology (hardware, software, architecture, trends)

· Business process engineering, IT systems design and software engineering

· Presentation skills

· Project management

Professional qualifications

· Extensive knowledge or understanding of Web related technologies (HTTP, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Search engines, Intranet, Extranet, Internet, Portals)

· At least Microsoft Certified Professional level

· Knowledge of Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0+

2.2 Personality


· Team leader, innovator (‘change agent’), analytical, architect/designer, cosmopolitan

Distinguishing marks

· ambitious, conscientious, person of integrity and loyal, purposeful, impatient, cost aware, self-confident, ‘multi-processor.

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